Sell your domains with Odys

Whether you have a business or a domain that collects virtual dust, either way, there's a better use for it. Through Odys, you can sell unused domains to make extra cash.

Why you should list your domains with Odys

Fast Sale

Our domains sell within the first 6 months after being published in our marketplace.

Targeted Audience

We have 25k+ (and growing) highly targeted members constantly looking for premium & aged domains.

No Listing Fees

No listing, logo or withdrawal fees. We take a commission only when a domain gets sold.

High Visibility

We'll create a high-converting landing page for your domain that includes original brand assets.

Domain Appraisal

Our team helps evaluate your domain(s) based on historical data and trends, so they sell faster.

Ongoing Assistance

We deal with all sales, domain ownership transfer and technical inquiries.

Getting your domain listed on Odys

Since our specialty is premium & aged domains, we apply the same philosophy to member-submitted domains. It means we only accept domains that passed through our strict due diligence and are worth listing.

Best of all, our members know this and are willing to pay premium prices for high-quality inventory. We guarantee you won’t find a more targeted audience anywhere else.

Odys' listing requirements - which domains are accepted

Premium Names

This means the domain should be brandable, readable, and pass the radio test, which would make it a great brand itself.

Spam Free

We strictly monitor the domain history for abuse, spam, or any artificial SEO practices and do not list such domains.


By checking domains for live trademarks or trademark infringements, we prevent legal issues for the new owner.

Built-in SEO

Domains listed via Odys should be powered by a considerable volume of high-quality organic references from authority websites such as,, and others.

How does it work

Submit domains

Submit your domain list for review and wait for our team's feedback. Upon passing our due diligence, we'll agree on the listing details and the offer.

Get sales

As soon as your domain is listed, we will promote it across various marketing channels, including email, PPC, social media, and more. Additionally, they will be highlighted in the weekly newsletter with new domains.

Cash out

Once a domain has been sold and payment has been received, we'll provide transfer instructions. We will deposit your payment into your Odys account balance so that you can withdraw or keep it for future purchases.

Ready to earn?

Domain names like yours are already being searched by many potential buyers. You can submit them and earn up to 80% profit, depending on the commission rate.



For domains priced up to $5,000.



For domains ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.



For domains priced $15,000 and up.

Submit your domains for sale

I agree to the Odys Terms and Conditions.

All your questions about selling domains, answered.

Currently, we do not buy domains, but we can help you sell your premium domain on our platform.

An amount of 30/25/20% will be deducted from the sale price as commission, depending on the domain price. It is important to note that domains may be sold during a sales/promo campaign, which might affect the final sale price. The maximum discount on a domain is 15%, available for Odys Premium Scale subscribers.

We do not charge any additional fees for listing or logo design, which means you are not exposed to any additional hidden fees.

You only need to provide us with your domain as well as confirm ownership by pointing the domain’s DNS to the Odys DNS, and we’ll handle the rest: collecting SEO metrics, screenshots, and packaging the listing for you.

You can check the backlink profile of your domain before submission by using Ahrefs Backlink Checker.  We consider powerful authority mentions domains that  are high traffic/performing websites, recognizable brands (BBC, Forbes, WashingtonPost, NYTimes, BusinessInsider, IndiaTimes, etc) and have contextual mention/reference (authored article, blog post, statement).

You can do your own trademark check, by visiting the largest trademark database.

Our specialty is selling domains, but we are willing to accept domains with live websites as well, but with the disclaimer that the price is only for the domain. Our recommendation is to leave your website live, just as it is, or to use our for sale landing pages if you don’t have any content.

You should consider the brandability, TLD, and SEO metrics of the domain and the trends in the niche and industry. However, we are always willing to help and suggest a price that will increase the likelihood of the domain being sold.

The listing of a domain in the marketplace usually takes seven days. Note, however, that it may match an active Pre-Order and will appear in the marketplace only after the Pre-order campaign ends. The fact that your domain has been matched to a specific order of a member is actually beneficial to you, since it means the buyer was looking for such a domain and therefore has more chances of selling it well before it is listed.

When the domain has been sold and the funds have been received, you can request the withdrawal of your earnings via Paypal or bank transfer or use them to buy other Odys domains in the future. Payment can be requested by sending an invoice to [email protected].

It is only when a domain is sold that the ownership for that domain is transferred, and we will handle the whole process, assisting the new owner to smoothly transfer the domain, as well as answering any questions he may have.

When listing a premium-aged domain on Odys, we strongly recommend keeping it exclusive, as we have the highest chance of selling a domain due to our targeted audience.